5 things to know on Friday, June 8, 2018

Ontario has chosen a new provincial government, bringing an end to Liberal rule. We take a look at what that means for you and what else happened on a busy election night.

1. New government: Doug Ford is the premier-designate of Ontario, . It’s a decisive victory for the one-time Toronto city councillor and family businessman who took over the party only three months ago.

2. Status lost: The Ontario Liberal party lost its official party status in Thursday‘s election, only winning seven seats. Former premier Kathleen Wynne .

3. Bill passed:  The Senate has passed Bill C-45, bringing Canada . The bill — which featured more than 40 amendments — will now be referred back to the House of Commons.

4. G7 kicks off: The G7 summit officially . However, U.S. President Donald Trump is already facing a backlash from other group members over America‘s new tariffs.

5. First time champs: The Washington Capitals have won their first-ever Stanley Cup, .