ABC: DOJ IG Finds Ex-FBI Chief Comey Defied Authority

The Justice Department internal watchdog has concluded James Comey defied authority more than once while he was FBI director, is reporting.

ABC is citing sources who have seen the draft compiled by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. One source told ABC the IG used the word "insubordinate" to describe Comey's behavior.

The IG's report focuses in on Comey's decision to inform Congress he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just 10 days before the 2016 election, ABC reports.

The IG report says Comey ignored objections from Justice Department officials that doing so would run afoul of agency policy to not do anything that could impact an election, ABC reports.

The IG draft also hits Comey for not consulting with his boss, former attorney general Loretta Lynch, or other senior DOJ officials before his infamous televised conference in July 2016 to announce the FBI would bring no charges to Clinton regarding her private email server, ABC reports.

Further, the IG criticizes Lynch for her actions overseeing the investigation into Clinton's server, and it calls out Comey and former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe for their lack of haste in dealing with the fresh crop of Hillary emails that were discovered on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, ABC reported.

It's not clear when Horowitz will formally release his official findings.