Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition Power Banks Announced

The is getting official power banks. Anker has partnered with the company to bring its range of power banks to the Nintendo Switch. Dubbed as the Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition, there are two of them, one is 13400mAh and the other is 20100mAh. Both sport the same design as Anker‘s other power banks and have the Nintendo Switch logo. The Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition price is $70 (around Rs. 4,732) while the Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition price is $90 (close to Rs. 6,084).

Both power banks have been certified by Nintendo to work flawlessly with the 13400mAh variant labelled to give you 1.7 charges in 3.5 hours. The 20100mAh option, according to Anker, gives 2.5 charges in 3.5 hours.

While Anker has an , it hasn‘t announced these power banks for the country just yet. And while Nintendo Switch isn‘t in India, that hasn‘t stopped some of its games from publishers like Ubisoft and Take-Two making it to the country. With that in mind, the Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition should be a useful addition to the hybrid console when you consider how anaemic the battery life is.

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In our we noted that while it has a ton of great games, despite the  to get them, makes it worth dealing with concerns like the lack of warranty (thanks to Nintendo ignoring India) and absence of features such as backing up digital games to external storage that we take for granted on other consoles and the PC.

That being said, we can’t suggest the Nintendo Switch to everyone for the same reasons. Unless you’re perfectly fine with not having any form of warranty and support, and are comfortable enough to get games digitally or through your local game store to get them at slightly inflated prices, you’re better off considering a PS4 or Xbox One.

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