Blackout in Crimea after power station incident

Traffic lights reportedly stopped working, phone lines were down and electric-powered buses came to a halt in several of the peninsula‘s cities.

The prime minister of the region, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, said the power outage had been caused by a surge in electricity at a power station in Taman, southern Russia, triggering an automatic shutdown.

On Wednesday, PM Sergei Aksyonov, said on social media that the power would be restored within three hours.

Russian state power grid company Rosseti later confirmed power had been restored after a total blackout. The firm said it needed “just over an hour” to restore power to the Black Sea region.

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According to the Moscow Times, Crimea plunged into weeks of darkness in 2015 after electricity pylons were blown up in Ukraine.

The newspaper said the Russian government had started enforcing temporary blackouts last year to prevent overloading the energy supply system, leaving thousands without air conditioning.

Russia supplies some of Crimea‘s power through a cable that runs beneath the Kerch Strait, located between Crimea and Taman.

Moscow took control four years ago after sending in troops and later holding a referendum, which had been deemed illegitimate by at least 100 member states of the United Nations.