Café next to Edworthy Park hosts fundraising concert after builder leaves owners high and dry

**Correction: The story‘s original headline indicated the café was in Edworthy Park. The business is located at the south end of the pedestrian bridge to Edworthy Park, next to the parking lot**

The owners of Angel’s Cappuccino and Ice Cream Café says they’re out hundreds of thousands of dollars after an Edmonton-based builder failed to make good on an agreement to build a new café.  

“It was a modular structure built in Nisku,” said Cathy Jacobs, Angel’s owner. “It was supposed to be shipped in October but the builder ran into financial trouble and ran into problems with the city’s building permit process because it didn’t meet with codes.”

“In January, they still hadn’t done what was required and they owed money to a landlord where the building was being built and the sheriff’s locks went on. Now we understand our building is going up for auction.”

The owners of the 21-year-old café, situated steps from the Bow River pathway in Edworthy Park, say they had invested approximately $420,000 into the project including the $350,000 they paid to the builder for the 12 metre by 12 metre (40’ x 40’) structure.

The purchase of the new building was in response to .

City officials permitted Angel’s to relocate approximately 10 metres east to the adjacent parking lot and allowed the café to continue operating in its current location while the new structure was constructed. The City of Calgary has not provided comment regarding the future of Angel’s in light of the business’ issue with its builder.

Lawyers representing the café owners are attempting to recuperate their investment from the builder. CTV Calgary has attempted to the builder but requests for comment have not garnered a reply and the company’s website had been deleted.

“All we want to do is continue doing what we love to do,” said Jacobs. “21 years of making a living out of loving has been a pretty awesome thing and we’re not done yet.”

On Saturday, June 9, an ‘Angels for Angel’s’ benefit concert will be held at the café to raise funds for the owners in an attempt to keep the business running. The concert is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. and will run until 9:00 p.m. In addition to the performances from local musicians, the event will include a silent auction and face painting.

For those unable to attend Saturday’s concert, a ‘ has been created to support the café.

Jacobs is optimistic that the café will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. “We believe in miracles. We’re Angel’s after all.”

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