Chilliwack parents want repeat sex offender out of the city

Parents in the Fraser Valley say they want a repeat sex offender with a history of preying on children out of their community.

Neighbours say James Conway has been living in a Chilliwack, B.C. neighbourhood near families with young children and a school for nearly a year.

Kelly Wood has been going door to door, leaving flyers at homes and on cars warning residents about Conway‘s presence in the area.

"It‘s public safety," she said. "He‘s a high-risk sexual predator."

Wood says the convicted sex offender has been living in her neighbourhood and she had no idea until recently.

"Nobody was aware," she said. "And everyone is just shocked that he‘s allowed to be hidden from everyone without anybody knowing."

Conway, who is a three-time child molester deemed to be at a high risk of reoffending, moved to Chilliwack last July.

"They assured me at the time it was a very remote area and they also assured me they would be speaking to the neighbours," said Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz.

Gaetz said she has asked officials to move Conway out of the neighbourhood.

"It must be a location where there are no children," she said.

Conway was convicted of sexual assault in 2000, and then of sexual interference of a person under 16 five years later. He breached conditions several times, including in February 2015, when he was arrested for sitting next to a young girl on public transit.

BC Corrections would not confirm if Conway was living in the home in question, but told CTV News in a statement that "we take his supervision extremely seriously."

"Mr. Conway has been under strict supervision for the past three years and has been fully compliant with his court-ordered conditions during this time," the statement read, adding that BC Corrections doesn’t have the authority to move Conway.

The conditions of his release include 24-hour house arrest.

Conway was previously forced out of Abbotsford and Mission.

Now, Chilliwack residents are vowing to do the same, organizing a rally for this weekend calling for his removal from the community.

"Just because there hasn‘t been an issue yet doesn‘t mean there‘s not going to," said Lisa Erickson, another concerned resident.

"Let‘s drive Conway out," Wood said. "He‘s not welcome in Chilliwack. He‘s not welcome in our neighbourhood."

With files from CTV Vancouver‘s Michele Brunoro