Climber killed in fall on Tunnel Mountain identified by friends

A 26-year-old man who died after he fell several meters while climbing in Banff National Park last week has been identified by friends as Matt Snell.

Police say Snell was climbing along Le Soulier on Friday when he fell about 25 – 40 metres along the rock face.

Search and rescue crews were able to retrieve his body and also rescued another person who was stranded on the rock face.

was a photographer and was originally from Ontario.

Colton McKee met Snell during the Alberta Winter Games and says he inspired him to also become a photographer.

“Matt was one of the most major influences in my photography. He helped me learn tips and tricks on how to get the right image and getting the right quality you want to be able to produce. And if you look at my images compared to Matt’s you can see similarities because he taught me so much and I learned so much from him and I owe a lot of my photos to Matt,” said McKee.

McKee says he and Snell made many trips to Banff together and that he died doing what he loved.

“I was with Matt last weekend. We spent all day Saturday and into Sunday morning doing photography and we talked about Matt doing photography and living in Banff for the rest of his life and he loved it. He loved being out in the Rockies and it was a dream of his to come out here so Matt climbing that rock face is no surprise to me, he loved to climb, it was something new to him but he was always safe and secure and he died doing what he loved, exploring, climbing new heights and just being an adventurous person,” McKee said.

McKee says Snell was humble and kind and that he will best be remembered through his images.