Eric Bolling to Trump: Re-negotiate All Existing Trade Pacts

President Donald Trump should break all existing multi-lateral trade agreements and negotiate new accords with individual nations, author Eric Bolling told Newsmax TV on Friday.

"When President Trump makes the statements about Canada, makes the statements about the European Union and stays firm on what he believes — he won't back down — they all start to realize that we're going to have to negotiate with Trump or the Americans, otherwise we may be missing out," Bolling told "Newsmax Now" host John Bachman.

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"We are the biggest consumer on the planet," he continued. "We should have the ability to trade directly with Canada, trade directly with Mexico.

"Trump is right. Break all of these agreements and do bilateral trade agreements with everyone.

"If Canada wants to charge our farmers, our dairy farmers, double and triple to bring products into Canada," Bolling posed, "we'll do it back to you unless you lower tariffs — then, we'll lower ours."

However, he cautioned: "Don't keep the tariffs up, though."

"Let's bring them down once we get what we want."