Evraz Place looking at improving parking

Evraz Place is looking at ways to improve parking in the area, and has released a survey in hopes of hearing what visitors like and what bothers them.

As of Tuesday, 30 per cent of about 2,300 view their parking experience at Evraz Place to be somewhat negative.

"Half of those people are saying that the negative perceptions that they have on parking does have a likelihood of them not attending future events,” corporate communications manager for Evraz Place Shalyn Kivela said.

According to Evraz, when all 3,500 parking spots are full, it can take 20 to 40 minutes to exit Evraz Place.

The survey presents ideas like, adding a second exit on Lewvan Drive going northbound, extending traffic lights at intersections and adding more traffic attendants.

"One of those options is to offer payed premium parking which would give people guaranteed spots as well as priority exiting after events.” Kivela said.

Nothing has been decided on for cost of paid parking, but suggestions range from $5 to $20.

Installation of above ground parking would add about 500 parking spaces but is estimated to cost nearly $15 million.

Once Evraz Place receives 2,500 responses, they plan to close the survey, analyze it and develop a draft parking plan that will be shared with the public in mid-summer. The goal is to have a final parking plan presented by the fall.