FIFA 19 Gets UEFA Champions League, to Release September 28; FIFA 18 Gets Free Trial, World Cup Update

One of the world’s biggest gaming companies, , showed off FIFA 19 at , the company’s event that’s held before . FIFA 19 release date is September 28, 2018. This year’s big announcement was the addition of the UEFA Champions League license to FIFA 19.

This makes a big difference to as the franchise wasn’t licensed by EA until now. The UEFA Champions League is the biggest tournament in club football in the world. It features some of the world’s biggest clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Bayern Munich competing for the trophy. In FIFA 19, Champions League will be available under the story-based Journey Mode, career mode, and as a separate tournament too. EA representatives also promised several gameplay improvements in FIFA 19. 

There was good news for people who own as well. EA has added a free FIFA World Cup 2018 update to FIFA 18 to the game on PC, Xbox, PS4, and even the Nintendo Switch. The FIFA World Cup update comes with authentic crowd chants as well. FIFA 18 is now available as a free trial on , , and on PC through the Origin Access subscription service. The free trial is time-limited, and EA didn’t mention on stage when the trial will end.

FIFA 19 is the successor to FIFA 18, and obviously a part of EA’s long-running series of football games. FIFA has prioritised realism in recent entries of the long-running franchise. In recent games in the series, the emphasis has been on realism, with aspects such as defending changing a lot. FIFA has also recently added a story mode called Journey, where you get to play through the life of a professional footballer. The Journey mode began as a pretty weak story-based effort but it improved a lot in the second iteration. There’s some hope that EA will get it right the third time around.

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