Flower that smells of corpses in bloom – but you must be quick

The titan arum, known as the corpse flower, has been nurtured for years by expert Tim Grigg at the project, but will only flower for two days.

During that time, it will let off a foul smell, which has been likened to the stench of rotting flesh.

Image: The titan, known as the corpse flower, stands at well over 6ft tall

To compound the smell, it will produce its own heat, to spread the smell and attract insect pollinators.

On Twitter, the Eden Project posted: “Our titan arum opened last night – come and see this rare beauty at Eden today! It only blooms for about 48 hours, it has the largest flowering structure in the world, it‘s an endangered species and it stinks of rotting flesh!”

The plant, which is 6ft tall, sits high up in the Eden Project‘s rainforest biome. According to the project‘s website, the plant, a perennial herb, is the largest flowering structure on earth.

Titans usually produce a flower every seven to nine years, but Mr Grigg has had a good success rate in the Cornish tourist attraction. In 2016, two flowers bloomed at once, along the “avenue of stench”.

Image: The Eden Project in Cornwall

Mr Grigg has to hand-pollinate the flowers.

The Cornish titan has also been used to help pollinate a titan arum at Cambridge University‘s botanic garden.

The herb originates from Indonesia, and its proper name is Amorphophallus titanum.

The titan arum was given its common name by Sir David Attenborough, when he was filming the Private Life Of Plants.