Fortnite Nintendo Switch Release Date Possibly Leaked

While for the is pretty much a given at this point as well as 4chan with the icing on the cake being the game rated via the South Korean ratings board. Now we may just know Fortnite‘s Nintendo Switch release date thanks to celebrity artist Chance the Rapper who that Fortnite would be out tomorrow, June 11. However with Nintendo‘s presentation slated for a day later, we won‘t be surprised to see on June 12 if not later. Reason being, there‘s no point releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch and then showing it off at an event.

Nonetheless, you won‘t have to wait too long to play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. The company recently loaded Fortnite Switch onto its servers, that we‘ll see the game soon enough. All that’s left is for Epic Games or Nintendo to officially announce Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch which we should see at E3 2018 at Nintendo’s conference along with a release date.

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Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch should come as no surprise for a host of reasons. Earlier in the year Epic Games Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard has his admiration of the console’s potential for a Fortnite port. Plus, if Doom can make it to the Nintendo Switch, third-parties have no reason not to bring their biggest and best to the console.

Earlier in the year, industry insider and editor Marcus Sellars, both games are in the works for Nintendo’s hybrid console smash hit.

“Fortnite = Nintendo Switch”, Sellars . According to Sellars, the battle royale cooperative shooter will release around August or September. “Wouldn’t say fact as it’s not confirmed by the developer but yeah it’s happening,” he said in a later tweet.

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