Google Pixelbook May Get Microsoft Windows 10 Certification: Report

, the company‘s laptop-tablet hybrid, has been a popular device primarily because of its design and functionality, but it is arguably limited thanks to running . However, according to latest reports, could be working on getting the Pixelbook certified by to run .

As per a 9to5Google , latest code commits and reviews from Google‘s developers discovered in documentation suggests that the tech giant may be working on making dual-booting Windows 10 on the Pixelbook a possibility. Additionally, the latest news, by XDA Developers, comes from developers of Chrome OS using what is allegedly called AltOS in their , along with mentions of Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK). The HLK is specifically mentioned along with ‘Eve‘, which is Google Pixelbook‘s development codename. Notably, AltOS can be seen as a viable method of being able to install Windows OS on Pixelbooks, the reports say.

As per the XDA Developers report, Chrome OS developers have already been working on booting into Windows 10, but the new mentions of certification affirm that it is now more official. As of now, there is no clarity on whether Google will enable all Pixelbook owners to run Windows 10 on their device, but with certification on board the OS will have full support for signed drivers.

The ability to boot into Windows on a good Chrome OS device like the Google Pixelbook may come as good news for users who want native apps that do not yet run on the Web. With the move, Google may also be able to sell more devices.