iPhone X Found to Have Survived Underwater for Over 2 Weeks

When launched the last year, the premium smartphone arrived with an IP67 rating that makes it dust and water-resistant. This essentially means that the handset is capable of withstanding immersion in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes. Interestingly, last year‘s flagship apparently has much better water resistance capabilities, so much so, that it can withstand being underwater for more than two weeks. A river diver seems to have discovered the extreme levels that the smartphone can possibly withstand.

A YouTuber named Dallas, who runs a channel by the name of , in claims to have found an iPhone X in a river. In his ‘River treasure dives‘ videos, Dallas returns lost and misplaced items to their rightful owners. Usually, he claims to find wearables like silver rings, expensive sunglasses, masks, and more, but this time around, he discovered an iPhone X.

On his recent dive, Dallas found several objects ranging from Porsche sunglasses to a 10K gold ring. But finally, he came across a submerged iPhone X Silver coloured variant, that too without a waterproof case on. While many would expect the smartphone found at the bottom of a river to be damaged, Dallas tried to get the handset working.

In the video, Dallas is seen to be opening up the iPhone X, using a hair dryer, and placing the waterlogged iPhone X in a container full of silica gel. After three days of drying out, he plugged in the smartphone and let it charge normally.

Dallas was able to get the iPhone to power back on and working. He then found the owner Alyssa and sent the handset back to her. Alyssa was excited as she had a lot of images of her newly born child. She noted that the iPhone X was lost in the river two weeks before it was found. She also reaffirmed that the handset did not have a waterproof case.

While it comes across as good news that a smartphone is able to withstand such a long time under water, it is worth noting that water damage is not covered under Apple‘s warranty.