Karahalios triumphs in close Cambridge race

Predicted by some observers to be more of a three-horse race than most ridings, Cambridge lived up to that billing.

In the end, it was Belinda Karahalios of the Progressive Conservatives who eked out a victory over incumbent Liberal MPP Kathryn McGarry and NDP challenger Marjorie Knight.

Karahalios picked up 37 per cent of the vote share in Cambridge, or 17,793 votes.

Knight finished in second place with 15,639 votes, followed by McGarry with 11,191.

Michele Braniff of the Green Party picked up 3,018 votes, and Libertarian candidate Allan Dettweiler won 490.

McGarry, who served in a variety of cabinet roles including most recently as transportation minister, was the first Liberal to win in Cambridge since the riding’s creation in 1975.

She won the riding in 2014 with 39 per cent of the vote. The PCs garnered 32.6 per cent support during that election, with the NDP picking up 21.6 per cent.