Kudlow: Suggesting Russia Back in G-7 Is a Business Decision

The White House’s top economic adviser Sunday defended President into the group of the largest advanced economies in the world, saying it’s a business decision.

In an interview with CBS News’ Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, said he didn’t disagree with by Dan Coats, director of national intelligence, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to undermine the rule of law, Western ideals and Democratic norms.”

“I think Dan Coats was correct in his accusations — that doesn't mean you can't do business with them,” he said. “They are a part of the world story. They are a power. They are a military power. They are not an economic power…”

“Many foreign policies scholars agree with Trump on this, we have to do business with Russia.”

He also insisted the United States — though it — won’t pull out of talks on the North American Fair Trade Agreement.

“We won’t withdraw,” he declared. “We are heavy into negotiations and the negotiation will either be bilateral or they will be try lateral. One way or the other.”