Liberal campaign in Ottawa-Vanier apologizes for confusing voter cards

There have been some minor voting problems across the Ottawa area today. In Ottawa-Vanier, some constituents received voter cards that were not from Elections Ontario and contained wrong voting information. The cards were confusing not only because they looked as though they were from Elections Ontario but they also contained the wrong voting information.

Amber Last considers herself an informed voter but she was confused when she received a yellow and black voter card in the mail yesterday telling her to go to a different polling station.

“I think that implies that it‘s from Elections Ontario,” Last said, outside her correct polling station in Ottawa-Vanier, “with the black and yellow, and then very small, it’s written that it‘s from Liberals.”

The campaign office for Liberal Nathalie Des Rosiers quickly apologized and in a statement said, "We took proactive and decisive action to immediately make Elections Ontario aware and our supporters to clarify the error."

“I think it‘s incredibly irresponsible during any election,” Last adds, “but this is a particularly contentious election.”

A contentious campaign and a confusing one for some voters today as they headed in to cast their ballot.

“It’s been one hell of a ride,” said Peter Fraser, about to cast his vote.

Some were definitive about who they were voting for.

“I‘m voting for the party I‘ve been voting for for years,” said voter Sunjay Belkhode.

Others, though, were taking a more strategic approach.

“I didn‘t vote for my normal party,” said Ganjim Davies, “I just voted in a way to make sure the party I didn‘t want to win didn‘t win.  We‘ll see.”

“I just voted my conscience,” adds her husband Antonio Audet, “and went with the party that had the strongest and did the least amount of mudslinging.”

Paul Thomas, a post-doctoral fellow in political science at Carleton University says this election could hingeon those who didn‘t bother to vote in previous elections.

“People who before hadn‘t thought it mattered if they showed up, that could sway things quite a bit.”

So, voters are gearing up for a bumpy ride whatever the outcome.

“It will be an interesting tight race I think,” said voter Tom Hamlin.

There have been minor glitches with the new electronic vote counting machines. Elections Ontario says 99.57% of the polls are working fine and results should come in quickly right after the polls close at 9.