Man rushes to hospital with snake wrapped around leg

Patna: A man rushed to a local hospital in Bihar with a snake wrapped around his left leg after the reptile could not let him go after the bite.

The incident took place in Madhepura, a north Bihar district some 250km from Patna, on Saturday.

Reports said a farmer, a resident from Hathiyondha village under Bihariganj police station in the district, was working in his farmland when he accidentally stepped on a snake.

The reptile bit the man in his left leg but failed to release itself as its fangs got stuck in his flesh.

Witnesses said the snake tried hard to release its mouth but when it failed, it tightly wrapped around the man’s leg.

Initially, the farmer got panicked but left with no option, he rushed to a nearby government hospital.

It was then the health officials managed to separate the snake identified as “water snake” from his leg and freed it.

Doctors also discharged the farmer after primary aid. He was lucky since the snake was not poisonous.

The video of the snake encircling the man’s leg has now gone viral in the social media.

A similar incident had taken place in Bihar’s Gopalganj district last year when a woman had rushed to the hospital with a snake in her bag after it bit her although she died later.

The woman was doing some work at home when a deadly snake bit her.

Hearing her cries, the family members rushed to the spot and held the snake which was still around.

Soon after holding the reptile, the family members asked the woman to bite the snake which she did multiple times, leaving it badly wounded, which also died later.