More than a bike ride: Cambridge Tour de Grand gives back

Sunday was the 21st annual Cambridge Tour de Grand.

Each year on the second Sunday of June, between 2,000 and 3,000 people participate.

The event began in celebration of the amalgamation of Galt, Preston and Hespeler as the City of Cambridge.

It draws people from all over Waterloo Region, the Greater Toronto Area and Quebec.

The ride promotes exercise, bike safety, and more bike lanes in the city, which is its biggest sponsor.

Riders paid $35 to participate, with discounts for families who rode together. Included in this price was a tee shirt, lunch, snacks and the ride itself.

The organization is non-profit, so proceeds go to another group called Helmets for Kids.

The Tour de Grand gives back in other ways, too: it recommends hotels, restaurants and other local attractions to riders, helping stimulate the city’s economy.

The Tour de Grand is a ride, not a race, which means anyone can participate, no matter their skill level.

There are routes ranging from ten kilometres to 160 kilometres to accommodate riders of all abilities.

With traffic marshals and police involved, safety is a top concern, so that even those who are a little rusty on their bikes can ride comfortably.