No, passport fees are not going up on Canada Day

Misleading information circulating online suggests prices for Canadian passports will be hiked on July 1.

indicates five-year passports will rise from $120 to $190, 10-year passports will rise from $160 to $260, and passports for children will rise from $57 to $100.

The post has been shared over 200 times.

Another contains the same misleading information.

A suggests, “The increases are too much, considering there are many people struggling.” reached out to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada after a reader raised concerns about the validity of the information on rising prices.

Spokesperson Beatrice Fenelon points out the fees mentioned in the petition and Facebook posts are in fact the current fees for regular and child Canadian passports issued abroad and in the United States.

“The passport fees have not changed since 2013, and will not be changing on July 1,” she said in an email to