Ottawa Votes: Ontario election results in the capital

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With all the votes counted in Ottawa West-Nepean, PC candidate Jeremy Roberts eked out a win over the NDP‘s Chandra Pasma. Roberts won by 0.3% of the vote, after trailing for much of the vote count.

Liberal Bob Chiarelli finished a couple of thousand votes behind, in third place. In speaking with supporters, he said he‘s proud of his record as a Liberal cabinet minister.


The election results are in for almost everyone in Ottawa. But in Ottawa West-Nepean, it‘s a nail-biter. With 75 of 80 polls reporting, NDP candidate Chandra Pasma holds a razor-thin lead over PC candidate Jeremy Roberts – less than 200 votes. That‘s a 0.3 per cent difference.

Liberal Bob Chiarelli is in third, about 2,000 votes behind.


One of the few remaining Liberal MPPs, John Fraser, showed up to his victory party around 10:40 p.m. He said even though his party wasn‘t successful, he‘ll fight for what Ottawa residents mean.


John Fraser has showed up to his victory party

— Annie BergeronOliver()

Meanwhile, the party‘s still going for NDP winner Joel Harden in Ottawa Centre, who unseated Yasir Naqvi.


With the Liberals declared winners in nine ridings so far, three of those are in Ottawa: John Fraser in Ottawa South, Marie-France Lalonde in Orleans, and Nathalie Des Rosiers in Ottawa-Vanier.

One of the Liberal cabinet ministers to lose their seats in this election, Yasir Naqvi, just started addressing supporters.

Meanwhile, Marie-France Lalonde has held on to the Liberals‘ seat in Orleans. So despite the PC victory province-wide, they haven‘t made as many inroads into Ottawa as they may have hoped for.

A pair of holds for the Liberals: John Fraser keeps his seat in Ottawa South and Nathalie Des Rosiers wins in Ottawa-Vanier. Both have long been safe Liberal seats.

It only took 15 minutes after the polls closed for CTV to declare a PC majority government.

Two local wins for the PCs: Lisa MacLeod was re-elected as an MPP, in the new riding of Nepean. PC candidate Goldie Ghamari was elected in Carleton.

And in Ottawa Centre, Liberal incumbent Yasir Naqvi has been unseated by the NDP‘s Joel Harden. Naqvi was the attorney general in the last Liberal government.

As most polls across the province close at 9 p.m., still not much action at the various parties for candidates in Ottawa. Results should start rolling in soon.


In the meantime, federal environment minister Catherine McKenna has arrived at the Carleton Tavern for Yasir Naqvi‘s party.




At Bob Chiarelli‘s campaign party, there are only a couple of people so far, Graham Richardson reports.



We‘ve had several reports of long lines at various polling stations. CTV Morning Live producer Jeremie Charron says he‘s been waiting to vote in Stittsville for more than an hour, at Paul Desmarais H.S. The new voting system appears to be causing some delays – many people at the polling station say they’ve never seen anything like it. 

Viewer Lynne Blouin says there‘s a lineup out the building at the Orleans Francophone Centre on Navan Rd. She also said she had never experienced anything like it.

An interesting riding to watch this evening will be Ottawa South. Former premier Dalton McGuinty and his father, Dalton McGuinty Sr., both served as the MPP there. John Fraser was elected in a 2013 byelection.





It‘s shaping up to be a hotly contested provincial election in several Ottawa ridings.

While the capital has been predominantly represented by the Liberals in the legislature, that could change tonight as the political winds shift province-wide.

Orleans and Ottawa West–Nepean are both historically bellwether ridings; as they go, so goes the government. Ottawa West–Nepean incumbent Bob Chiarelli has been a prominent Liberal minister, but is facing a tough challenge from PC candidate Jeremy Roberts.

Ottawa South, held by Liberal John Fraser, and before him former premier Dalton McGuinty, is a hotly contested riding, with PC candidate and former city councillor Karin Howard looking to unseat Fraser. Fraser went so far as to for his campaign signs in the final days of the campaign.

Ottawa Centre, a longtime Liberal riding, has incumbent Yasir Naqvi facing NDP newcomer Joel Harden.

In Nepean, a new riding re-drawn largely from the former Nepean-Carleton, incumbent PC MPP Lisa MacLeod is being challenged by Liberal Lovina Srivastava and NDP candidate Zaff Ansari.

Another new riding nearby, Carleton, has PC candidate Goldie Ghamari favoured to beat New Democrat Courtney Potter and Liberal Theresa Qadri.

And in Kanata-Carleton, incumbent Jack MacLaren, a former PC MPP who defected to the Trillium Party, is facing PC candidate Merilee Fullerton, Liberal Stephanie Maghnam and New Democrat Jack Hansen.

Ottawa-Vanier, long a safe Liberal seat, has incumbent Nathalie Des Rosiers running for re-election against PC Fadi Nemr and New Democrat Lyra Evans, the first transgender candidate for a a major political party in Ontario‘s history.