Popstars and sisters: Meet Kim‘s entourage

As the world turns its attention to Singapore, where the 34-year-old has been meeting with his US counterpart Donald Trump at an historic summit, we take a look at those accompanying Mr Kim.


Image: Kim Jong Un's motorcade as he arrives for the historic summit

:: Kim Yo Jong

Kim Jong Un‘s younger sister is the ruling Workers‘ Party‘s official in charge of propaganda affairs, but many experts believe she has become the number two official in the country.

The official, who is thought to be in her late 20s or early 30s, reportedly travelled to Singapore separately from her brother amid speculation North Korea‘s top two officials intentionally take different planes in case of an accident.


Image: Kim Yong Chol hand delivers Kim Jong Un's letter to Donald Trump in Washington

:: Kim Yong Chol

The 72-year-old is regarded as the North Korean ruler‘s most trusted policy adviser since he opened dialogue with the US and South Korea in January.

He travelled to the US to hand-deliver a letter from Kim Jong Un to Mr Trump earlier this month, making him the most senior North Korean official to visit the country in 18 years.

Kim Yong Chol also accompanied the North Korean leader at all four of his recent summits – twice with China‘s President Xi Jinping and twice with South Korea‘s President Moon Jae-in.

The official is in charge of Pyongyang‘s ties with South Korea – and not US relations – but has increasingly played a more prominent role in North Korea‘s international relations.

He previously served as intelligence chief and is thought to be behind two attacks in 2010 that killed 50 people in South Korea.


Image: Singer Hyon Song Wol is among Mr Kim's entourage

:: Hyon Song Wol

Ms Hyon is the frontwoman of popular North Korean girl band Moranbong, which was put together by Kim Jong Un.

She led an art troupe sent to South Korea during the Winter Olympics in February.

The Moranbong band perform pop, rock and fusion numbers – one of the group‘s popular songs is entitled My Country Is The Best.


Image: Choe Son Hui called Mike Pence a 'political dummy'

:: Choe Son Hui

A former English interpreter for a North Korean delegation attending a now-stalled six-party disarmament summit, Ms Choe is now considered the highest-level female diplomat in North Korea.

Her comments last month about US Vice President Mike Pence saw Mr Trump cancel the highly anticipated summit before eventually rescheduling the meeting.

She had described Mr Pence as a “political dummy”.

Some speculated Kim Jong Un would sack her but she remains part of the leader‘s top team, meeting senior US diplomat Sung Kim at the Ritz-Carlton hotel ahead of Tuesday‘s summit.


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:: Kim Sung Hae

The official is a departmental director at North Korea‘s United Front Department – the Workers‘ Party‘s organisation which deals with inter-Korean relations.

Ms Kim also attended a meeting at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on Monday ahead of Tuesday‘s summit.

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:: No Kwang Chol

People‘s Armed Forces minister Mr No has also joined Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

It comes after North Korean state media confirmed his appointment to one of the country‘s top military roles and included him among those travelling with Kim Jong Un.

Image: Ri Su Yong was previously North Korean foreign minister

:: Ri Su Yong

The 78-year-old is the ruling party‘s official for international affairs, who previously held the position of foreign minister.

He was also previously North Korea‘s ambassador to Switzerland when the North Korean leader studied there as a teenager.

Image: North Korea's foreign minister Ri Yong Ho

:: Ri Yong Ho

Mr Ri is North Korea‘s foreign minister and a career diplomat. The 61-year-old served as the chief delegate to the stalled six-nation nuclear talks.