Prey Free Mooncrash DLC Out Today, Typhon Hunter VR Experience Slated for Summer

2017‘s is getting a substantial update. Revealed at Bethesda‘s event, a new piece of downloadable content (DLC) called Mooncrash will be available for the game today. In addition to this, developer Arkane announced that this update also brings new menu options. These include Story Mode, New Game Plus, and Survival Mode. Both will be free. Mooncrash DLC focusses on infinite replayabilty promising new enemies and weapons in each run.

Furthermore, Arkane also revealed Prey: Typhon Hunter, a new VR experience. In this mode, one player is up against five others who are mimics, enemies that can mask themselves as everyday objects. Typhon Hunter will also be available as a standard, non-VR experience.

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In our we stated that none of the game‘s elements, stand out on their own, but they work well in cohesion. Progressing through the story was a treat. Without spoiling much, there are a fair number of plot twists that keep you engaged. This is backed up with slick controls, responsive gunplay, cool neuromods, and stellar level design. Hopefully these new additions to the game augment an already solid experience. Perhaps we could see a sequel to Prey in the future as well?

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