Quebec government courting Anglos for public sector jobs

The Quebec government is launching a hiring blitz, encouraging Anglophones to apply for jobs in the public sector. 

Right now, non-Francophones and other minorities make up only one per cent of the civil service. 

There are more than 1500 positions available in various departments. 

Jobs are open in Montreal, Quebec City, and other regious across the province.

"We want to make sure we‘re really proactive, in all of our networks, to tell English-speaking Quebecers ‘we need you in the civil service,‘ it‘s an interesting career – we want to get to them very young," explained Kathleen Weil, the minister responsibe for relations with English-speaking Quebecers. 

"I‘ve met with school boards and high schools, CEGEPs, universities. We have two public school policies now – one at Concordia and one at McGill – [and] there‘s more measures to come."

"I think we can interest a lot of young English-speaking Quebecers to apply for jobs here," she added.