Quebec Solidaire presents plan to better integrate, promote cultural diversity

On Sunday, Quebec Solidaire presented its plan to improve integration for immigrants and visible minorities – more of whom should be working in public service, according to party members.

Party spokesperson Manon Masse and MP Amir Khadir presenting their four-part policy at a press conference, surrounded by a diverse roster of party members. 

First, the party wants to force public services to hire more minorities. 

In the long run, Quebec Solidaire would like to see 18 per cent of public servants from cultural communities, and 13 per cent from visible minorities. 

The party also plans to create reception centers for refugees or asylum seekers, where they would be welcomed and directed to resources.

Spread throughout Quebec, these centers would also encourage settlement in other regions of the province. 

Emphasis would also be on education and learning the French language. 

Masse also said during the conference that she encourages her political counterparts to nominate more candidates from cultural communities. 

So far, 17 per cent of the party‘s makeup consists of "diverse" members.