Rage 2 Out Spring 2019 E3 2018 Trailer Reveals

At Bethesda‘s showcase, the company showed off with marketing boss Pete Hines taking a dig at Walmart for leaking its existence early. Before any gameplay was shown off, artist Andrew WK took to the stage to belt out a song for the game that id Software‘s Tim Willits claims is the official song of the game. According to co-developer Avalanche Studios, Rage 2 is “the most insane open-world shooter you have ever played.” The game has you in the role of Walker, the last ranger in the wasteland. We won‘t be surprised if this is a nod to Chuck Norris who is popularly known for his role of Walker Texas Ranger (with Texas being where id Software is based).

Rage 2‘s world is one ravaged by war and mutants after an asteroid hit earth killing 80 percent of the world. Walker‘s story has him taking down the Authority – the sinister organisation behind the events of the first game after all those near and dear to him have been killed by mutants. The E3 2018 Rage 2 trailer focussed purely on gameplay. This included some smooth looking driving, traversal that lets you quickly slide into cover, and sprinting. Gunplay appears to be as meaty and impactful as the last game with an assortment of weapons ranging from shotguns to rocket launchers. Other means of taking down your foes include abilities such as being able to force push them away.

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Perhaps the biggest difference versus the first Rage is in its art direction. Rage 2 looks a lot more colourful and vivid versus the mute palette of its predecessor. No release date for Rage 2 has been set other than a vague Spring 2018 release window. Plus there‘s a Rage 2 Insanity Edition that‘s priced at $120 (around Rs. 8,100).

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