Rainbow crosswalk painted by Regina students vandalized

Less than 24 hours after Regina students painted a rainbow crosswalk outside of their school, someone has driven a vehicle over it leaving black skid marks.

Grade six, seven and eight students from Harbour Landing School painted the crosswalk in front of their school.

The project was approved by the city, and paint for the project was donated to the students.

A spokesperson for Regina Public Schools says they are disappointed by the vandalism.

“The Rainbow Crosswalk painted by students at École Harbour Landing School demonstrates their honest desire to make all students, residents and visitors in the Harbour Landing community feel like they belong, like they are welcome and that they are safe,” Terry Lazarou told CTV News. “Vandalism to a crosswalk or to any public structure in a community demonstrates one individual’s fundamental disrespect and disregard for that community and its residents.”

The crosswalk was painted in celebration of Regina Pride Week, which runs June 8-17.