Republicans: Tariff on Canadian Newsprint Hurting US Newspapers

Republicans: Trump Tariff on Canadian Newsprint Hurting Local U.S. Newspapers

A group of Republican legislators have introduced a bill to remove the tariff President Donald Trump imposed on Canadian newsprint, arguing that this has led to rising cost for local papers in the United States.

Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., introduced H.R. 6031, or the PRINT Act as she calls it, in early June. The legislation would place a "temporary hold on the newsprint tariffs, giving time for the Commerce Department to investigate the negative impact the tariffs have on our hometown papers," according to a

"In recent years, new tariffs on Canadian newsprint have increased paper prices by 20 to 30 percent," the congresswoman continued. "That's significant. A paper that services around 20,000 customers, for instance, could see paper costs rise by about a quarter-million dollars annually, threatening the newspaper's survival."

Noem notes that the Executive Director of the South Dakota Newspaper Associaiton, David Bordeyk, told her: "I have already heard from South Dakota newspaper publishers who fear that if these tariffs were to carry forward indefinitely, they will very well be forced to close their doors. That creates a ripple effect in the community for businesses that rely on the local newspaper to advertise and promote their goods and services."

According to Bordeyk, the PRINT Act "will provide some breathing room and an opportunity for a more complete review and analysis."

Noem concludes, "Today, South Dakota is home to more than 125 local newspapers. That’s a number we need to protect. Their reporting reminds us the world is made of neighborhoods and shared experiences. It keeps us connected and strengthens our sense of community and connection. Thank you for supporting your local newspaper."