Second suspect in Elmvale Jungle Zoo theft granted bail

The second suspect arrested in connection with the theft of three animals from the Elmvale Jungle Zoo has been granted bail.

Alex Perlmutter and the woman who bailed him out scurried from the Barrie courthouse on Thursday, just six days after he was arrested.

“Can you tell us where the monkey is? It’s a baby. It’s going to die,” Perlmutter was asked.

Due to a publication ban, evidence revealed in Thursday‘s special bail hearing cannot be released.

Police believe the 21 year old, along with 20-year-old Adrian Frei broke into the zoo on May 28. A lemur, tortoise, and baby Gibbon monkey were stolen.

The lemur was discovered by Quebec provincial police on the side of the road. The other two animals are still missing, though the OPP believe they are somewhere in Quebec.

Perlmutter‘s release comes two days after Frei was granted bail.

The Elmvale zoo is offering a $10,000 reward for the return of the missing animals.