Trump Defends New Tariffs, Says China Started Trade War

President Donald Trump on Friday defended slapping $50 billion in new tariffs on China.

"We're just announcing very big tariffs on China," the president said during a 30-minute wide-ranging interview on Fox News' "" morning program.

Trump said the new tariffs were ordered to straighten things out between the two nations regarding trade.

Trump has on $50 billion in Chinese imports. The 25 percent duties are a response to the U.S.' so-called Section 301 investigation earlier this year that accused China of stealing U.S. intellectual property in an effort to dominate the development of advanced technology.

During the interview, Trump claimed so much of the high-tech secrets from Silicon Valley are being stolen by China and other nations.

"We're going to protect those secrets," he said. “Those are crown jewels for this country.

"The trade war was started many years ago by (China) – and the United States lost. There is no trade war. They have taken so much."