Trump Took G-7 Stance to Avoid ‘Weakness‘ Before Kim Summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is guilty of “diplomatic betrayal” with his plans to impose retaliatory tariffs, stabbing the United States “in the back” and putting President Donald Trump in “a position of being weak” ahead of the North Korean summit, a furious White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow charged Sunday.

In fiery remarks on CNN’s Kudlow charged that Trudeau “threw [Trump] under bus” in a “sophomoric, political stunt for domestic consumption.”

After Trump left the G-7 meeting to head for Singapore on Saturday, would move forward with retaliatory tariffs, saying Canada will "not be pushed around."

“He really kind of … stabbed us in the back. He did a great disservice to the whole whole G-7,” Kudlow charged, adding: “It was a betrayal. It was a diplomatic betrayal…And we were close to negotiating a trade deal with Mr. Trudeau.”

He called Trudeau’s comments harmful to Trump’s upcoming historic sit-down with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“Why throw a monkey wrench into the meeting with Western allies,” Kudlow said. “He can't put Trump in a position of being weak, going into the North Korean talks with Kim. He can't do that.”

Kudlow said Trudeau owes Trump an apology.

“President Trump is not weak,” he said, calling Trudeau’s comments “ill advised.”

“He ought to come out and apologize and in the name of the Western allies… He ought to come out today and wish President Trump well in the negotiations instead of taking pot shots.”