Watson congratulates Ford and new PC Government

Mayor Jim Watson says he’s committed to building a “productive working relationship” with Premier Designate Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives.

Watson issued a statement shortly after Ford and the Progressive Conservatives won a majority mandate in the 42nd Ontario election. He says “I have said previously that there were policies in each of the Liberal, PC and NDP platforms that would be good for the city. I continue to feel optimistic about the future and I will be focusing on areas of common alignment with the new Progressive Conservative Government and Premier Designate Doug Ford."

During the campaign, Ford and the Progressive Conservatives reaffirmed their commitment to moving forward with Phase 2 of Ottawa‘s LRT project if they won the election.

Watson says “my hope is that the newly elected government continues and strengthens a strong partnership with the City of Ottawa. I truly believe that when the municipal, provincial and federal governments work together, much can be achieved."

The Progressive Conservatives elected four MPPs in the Ottawa area. The Liberals will have three MPPs at Queen‘s Park representing Ottawa, while the NDP holds one riding. 

Watson says “I trust that local MPPs will continue to act as strong advocates for their communities, regardless of what side of the legislature they are sitting in."

The Mayor also thanked Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal Government “for all they have done for the City of Ottawa over the last 15 years.” Watson said “the Wynne Government has been a good partner on a number of significant city building initiatives – many of which would not have been possible without their support and co-operation.”