Woman gored by bison at Yellowstone Park

Kim Hancock, 59, had been with a group of tourists at the famous Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday when she got too close to the animal, park officials said.

She had been part of a crowd that got to within 10 yards of the animal while making their way along a boardwalk.

The bull bison “became agitated and charged the crowd before immediately leaving the area”.

Ms Hancock, from Santa Rosa, California, was taken to a hospital in Montana with a hip injury.

She was reportedly in a good condition.

This is the second bison attack in the park this year. On 1 May, a woman from Idaho was slightly injured as she walked on a trail in the park.

The two women were among four people injured by various types of wildlife in the park in just over a month.

Another two women were injured by elks over a three-day period – .

Rangers said: “Animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they appear to be.

“Give animals space when they‘re near trails, boardwalks, parking lots or in developed areas.”