Xbox One X Price Drop May Be Announced At Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Event

The may see a price drop announcement at . Multiple US such as GameStop, Fry‘s, and Newegg have dropped the price of the iterative console to $350 (close to Rs. 23,600)and $400 (nearly Rs. 27,000). With the Xbox One X‘s official E3 2018 deals price being $450 (around Rs. 30,200), many speculate that a permanent price drop may be announced at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 event. While it‘s unlikely that India would see an Xbox One X price drop any time soon, it means that getting one abroad could become the most economical option if you don‘t mind waiting or forgoing warranty. In India the Xbox One X price is following a price hike due to an increase in customs duty.

Earlier in the week, Microsoft  a sale on  consoles and games ahead of the year‘s biggest gaming convention, E3 2018. As always, it‘s highly unlikely the console discount will be available in India, but you can still snag some best-selling and popular titles at a discount.

Calling it “the biggest Xbox sale of the year”, Microsoft has slashed $50 off both  models. From June 10 to June 23, the  will be available at $450 in the US, making it the first ever discount for the 4K-capable console since its release last November.

With 15 world premieres and spanning over a 100 minutes, it‘ll be interesting to see what the Microsoft Xbox E3 briefing has in store. Hopefully a permanent Xbox One X price cut is in the offing.

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