‘You can do your business… without having to worry about bears’ Sask Science Centre washroom wins international award

The newly renovated bathrooms on the second floor of the Saskatchewan Science Centre are taking home an International Toilet Tourism Award.

The award, created by MyTravelResearch, showcases innovative, clean, greatly designed washrooms in locations with a successful local tourism economy. The Science Centre’s toilets won awards along with five others from locations around the world including the United States, Australia and Switzerland.

The washrooms were designed by Cite360Studio and paid for as part of the Government of Canada’s Canada 150 Infrastructure Program.

The bathroom’s theme is an outhouse in the woods, and is based off of photos from Regina nature photographer Todd Mintz. The bathroom is meant to immerse customers in the sights and sounds of the boreal forest.

“The loo is a fully immersive experience by vision and sound. The toilets inside the Science Centre are like stepping into another world where you can do your business amid the sights and sounds of nature – without having to worry about bears,” said one of the award judges.